Logistics Solutions

Logistics today now commonly encompasses a much broader scope of than its original, but still fundamental, components of transportation and distribution.

Logistics functions also include customer relations management/call center management, strategic planning, forecasting, purchasing, inventory control, traffic, material handling and warehousing for raw material/finished products large and small.

In the field of supply chain and logistics, ONE provides
ONE source for outsource solutions”:

Audits & Negotiations

Freight Audits & Rate Analysis
Freight payable audits, modal selection feasibility and lane analysis in rail, ocean, air, and truck transportation for bulk commodity and packaged goods. Comparative analysis of transport rates, and lane corridor evaluations can track discrepancies recoup unrecovered charges as well as insure that on select key corridors rates are well trimmed compared to the going market price.

Professional Negotiations
Negotiations counselling and coaching, strategic approaches, assembling support tools and professional representation at the actual negotiation table, our expertise is derived from real world market experience of negotiations with a solid reputation in reducing costs without disturbing the value of the service.

Support Research & Analysis
Identifying and analyzing critical factors supporting negotiations with both suppliers and clients in the logistics issues – from internal benchmarking to vendor compliance. We can offer you the critical assistance that bridges the gap between status quo mediocrity and realization of a negotiated success and the resulting opportunities.

Logistics Model Consulting

Optimal Consulting
Optimizing logistics, distribution and supply chain projects through research, modeling and implementation consulting, including exception management programs.

Customer Service Consulting
Maximizing logistics, distribution operational service performance with third parties or internal resources, implementation of contract review processes, developing claims management and recovery from service failures programs. ONE designs plans, customize programs and trains your resources to match today’s industry challenges with excellence in customer service.

Business Process Rationalization
Identifying opportunities to maximize process efficiencies from task studies, productivity analysis, and assessments streamlining vendor selection processes.

Specific Research
Capital investment decision analysis and equipment utilization for rail, ocean, truck fleet operations and featuring key experience with shipper’s submissions to the Canadian Transportation Agency with appeals/oppositions to rail line abandonment, exploring, selecting and rail and intermodal options such as competitive line rates (CLR’s) , final offer arbitrations (FOA’s) and U.S. inter-switching agreements.

Import / Export Logistics

Importer Support
Import duty and tax refund audits, comparative studies, analysis of alternative distribution channels and buyers’ group support and selection, all under the ONE umbrella.

Export Readiness
ONE‘s Logistics Launch Component: Establishing your new “export ready” distribution network with particular focus on critical traffic, regulatory and customs issues.

Export Training
We also offer an education component as part of our services to stakeholders and associations which been utilized in the past for export business seminars and learning conferences by trade groups and various government export expansion agencies across Atlantic Canada.

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