Asian Market Solutions

ONE is a management consulting firm based in Atlantic Canada operates around the world, with some key assets focused on the vibrantly growing markets in Asia. Our practice’s primary focus is marketing, business development, and organizational development, including logistics; all critical elements critical of trade success.

Our firm concentrates on offering practical solution, customized so that they are applicable to a wide range of different business situations. These solutions can be scaled so that whether they address the needs of medium-sized enterprises or smaller businesses, we can ensure that our services and solutions are the best fit for our clients.

If you are looking into the Asian market from a buyer or seller starting point, we can provide you with the information, the knowledge and the council so that you make the right decisions before committing financial, human resources and time. Our services are tailored to put you on the right, rapid track to and from Asia, and the world:

Marketing & Business Development

  • Asian Market Entry & Market Expansion Research Services
  • Competitive Market Intelligence & Opportunity Analysis
  • Product Demand Evaluations & Market Testing
  • Product Development Through All Stages
  • Product Management Through All Evolutionary Phases
  • Commercialization of New Products, Services and Technologies
  • Contact Campaigns and Business Match-Making Services
  • Communication Program Evaluations & Strategies for Asia
  • Asia & Oceania Marketing Channel Evaluation & Development
  • Development of Asian Market Plans & Strategies, Budgets
  • Export Trade & Logistics Educational Seminars

Procurement Consulting & Services

  • Global Sourcing Strategies
  • Product and services evaluations
  • Vendor Assessments and Contract Negotiations
  • Tailored Direct to Manufacturer Programs
  • Cost Reduction & Risk Management

Logistics Consulting

  • Logistics / (Supply Chain & Distribution) Planning & Strategies
  • Export Logistics – Import, Customs and Regulatory Research & Guidance
  • Consulting 3rd Party Negotiations & Contract Development Services (All modal transportation, Warehousing, and Co-packing)
  • Educational Seminars & Workshops

Sectoral Expertise

Business Management: Marketing and Sales

  • Agri-Food Commodities
  • Advanced Manufacturing and Technologies
  • Business to Business Professional Services Sector
  • Consumer Package Goods and Specialty Giftware
  • Energy Technologies / Power Utilities
  • Engineering Software Programs & Services
  • Environmental, Chemical, and Industrial Safety Products
  • Industrial and Construction Equipment Industry
  • Food Technologies, Complimentary Products and Services
  • Food Products (Retail & Wholesale) – Perishable Frozen and Processed
  • Industrial and Institutional Services Markets
  • Information Communication &Technologies
  • Knowledge based services and Enhancing Technology
  • Manufactured Housing and Building Materials
  • Marine Navigational Instruments & On Board Computer Systems
  • Bio-products & Nutraceuticals
  • Oil & Gas, Mining and Resource Industries
  • Pharmaceutical, Medical and Life Sciences Industries
  • Plastics and Industrial Safety Products
  • Tourism & Hospitality Services Industries
  • Seafood Products and Food Product Accessories

Logistics & Procurement Consulting:
Transportation, Distribution, Supply Chain Management

  • Air, Ocean Rail and Road Transportation Consulting
  • Distribution Planning & Strategies
  • 3rd Party Negotiations & Contract Development (All modal transportation)
  • Transportation & Supply Chain Audits
  • Traffic Corridor and Lane Analysis
  • Distribution Facility and Fleet Development
  • Counselling on Packaging, Labelling & Bar- coding
  • Freight Forwarders & Customs Brokers Selection
  • Effective Carrier Selection and Transportation Audits
  • Asian Customs Import / Export and Regulatory Research & Consulting
  • Increasing competitiveness with viable raw input sourcing in Asia
  • Development of Logistics Educational Programs & Workshops

We have a number of associates based in Asia, who are specialists in various sectors and native language speakers in India, Japan, China and Singapore, among other countries. Contact ONE to learn more about our marketing and logistics resources in the lucrative markets of Asia.

Click Here to download information on ONE Asian Market Solutions in PDF Format.

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