Marketing & Sales Advantage OLD

ONE offers Sales and Marketing consulting services that will facilitate your entry, development and success in remaining well entrenched in domestic and export markets.

These services are provided as a solid blend of strategic expertise and pragmatic skill, and with an approach that reflects “hands on” senior experience.

ONE, a single outsource for:

Strategic Planning:

Developing business plans tailored to your company, suiting your key requirements: whether for investment attraction from the private/public origins, organizational process and structure re-assessments, or new market or export development strategies.

Business Development Outsourced:

Market qualification and channel development, leads generation, negotiation and facilitation services, contract and sales process development planning and organizing trade events, sales and marketing guidance.

Marketing Research Services:

Encompassing surveys, focus groups, business model/product feasibility research, evaluations of export and domestic market potentials, client identification and contact development programs and marketing channel development.

Project/Market Assessment:

Viability analysis of projects before they become expensive endeavors, services offered include product and market assessments and other feasibility studies.

Trade Issues:

ONE can assist your company with trade issues, quota applications, trade regulatory issues, and agency/tribunal case and appeals handling from planning, development to presentation.

Product Rationalization & Packaging Consulting:

Optimizing your product/packaging and labelling formats, compliance and efficiency assessments, and product line rationalization.

New Product Development Expertise:

Developing and establishing development processes, new product (services) and product portfolio research, market tests, focus groups, package design concepts and regulatory compliance, and other services that strengthen your access to new markets.

Marketing & Communications Plans:

Planning your future message to the market by creating and implementing a cohesive communication plan, featuring multi-media advertising, creative (ad copy, graphics and media releases) services, program micro-management, communications/media costs audit services, and campaign evaluations.

Please contact ONE for a preliminary, confidential consultation.

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