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With upwards to 70% of a company’s costs derived from the procurement practices, it is little wonder that the area of procurement of goods is considered a source of sustainable cost savings.

In challenging times, such as these last couple of years, leading companies rely on the procurement function to make intelligent business decisions and executing resource acquisition and allocations based on new viable strategies.

In terms of enhancing a client’s procurement strategies and processes, we a successful experience in consulting on improving approaches to procurement for in bound supply chains with a balanced value in buying inputs, ranging from assembly parts, materiel, and commodities, these approaches always encompass the key logistics objectives of minimizing the effects of zero-sum trade-offs while consistently reducing the costs of delivery and receiving logistics.

Specific services related to enhancing your procurement activities could include:

  • Spend analysis and cost savings opportunities identification
  • Sourcing strategies: internal / co-source / third party outsource
  • Non-traditional (e.g., marketing, environmental, benefits, etc.) opportunity identification
  • Performance metrics and management systems design
  • Product / service design assessment
  • Electronic procurement (e-procurement) strategy
  • Vendor Managed Inventories
  • Procurement process and policy design and analysis
  • Organizational planning / shared services designed in procurement functions
  • Procurement function skills assessment
  • M&A procurement integration support
  • Direct to Manufacturer Programs
  • Risk Management – Mitigating Supply Chain Risk

ONE management consulting practice concentrates on offering practical solutions that can be customized so that they are applicable to a wide range of different business situations. These solutions can be scaled so that whether they address the needs of medium-sized enterprises or smaller businesses, we can ensure that our services and solutions are the best fit for our clients.

We specialize in providing strategic planning and results oriented business management options for small, medium and larger enterprises.

We offer the following to get you partaking in the advantages of sourcing around the world:

  • Global Sourcing Strategies
  • Global Procurement Solutions: Tailored Direct to Manufacturer Programs
  • Cost Reductions & Contract Negotiations
  • Risk Management Throughout the Logistics Supply & Distribution Chain
  • Best Practices and Quality Training in Procurement
  • ISO and Continuous Improvement Facilitation

Isn’t it just about time to make sure your procurement is efficient? ONE can assist business units and organizations to use their procurement strategically.

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