ONE Case Studies

Case Study: Global Procurement

ONE saves an equipment manufacturer over $100,000 in the first year alone, and $100’s of thousands in resulting years.

An Atlantic Canadian firm required better service, better information, more control, and of course, more savings from parts sourced from Asia that they buy from their domestic based distributors. We successfully located and identified the current supplier as well as a qualified pool of credible alternative, back up vendors for this client.

ONE represented the company, inspecting the manufacturing facilities of potential vendors in Korea and China negotiated lower costs and coordinated the smooth hand over to the company’s internal resources included training in logistics and instruction in order planning the net result is that the company today enjoys a savings that amounted to 18% – 30% reduction in material costs and a further reduction in transportation costs on critical machine parts that go into their production.

The resulting savings on an annual basis is over $100,000 per year / year after year and the ROI on our services was met well within the first year.

Case Study: Transportation Procurement

Food Manufacturer realizes significant ongoing savings.

Significant reductions in of transportation costs through a systematic negotiation program yielded year over year cost savings and enhanced competitiveness of a major food manufacturer. A transportation audit was conducted, followed by negotiations with prolific North American and global transportation suppliers resulted in reduced the logistics costs for the food manufacturer.

Cost reductions were to the scale of 20- 30% reduction of current payout and involved quarterbacking the negotiation team on large multi year and single year contracts as well as the development multiple lane / multiple modal corridors as alternatives available for future cost savings or contingencies. The return on investment equated to ROI factor of over 700% reaching a seven figure annual savings.

Case Study: Operational Efficiencies Maximized

Converting waste into a profit center

Researched options and developed solutions to convert a manufacturing process by product into a significant profit center which resulted in $1.0 million addition to the bottom line of a major Canadian firm and converting basically a tolling situation into a profit center.

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