Direct to Manufacturer Program

We provide a Direct to Manufacturer Program (DMP) that allows your company to purchase your key products direct with foreign manufacturers, capturing the profits of your middleman /distributors and converting them into savings to your bottom line.

The path to making a positive change between procuring through a middleman to procuring direct can be fraught with mystery, twists and turns of events and unfortunately, many times resulting in failure. Through our DMP service, we work with the client’s specific case circumstances to insure there is a seamless transition so that your business’ procurement function will begin a sustainable business relationship directly with as many manufacturers as feasible and your business will enjoy the over all benefits of more control of your supply chain, better communication and reduced costs.

Here’s a glance at generally what we provide with this unique service:

  • Perform extensive audits of the client’s current procurement outlays for manufacturing inputs identifying cost saving opportunities.
  • We determine potential vendors and normally through a discovery process, and find the actual overseas supplier or suppliers that your distributor buys direct from.
  • We analyze the economic trade offs of ordering larger sized allotments, price discounts, transport cost savings due to higher volumes and extra carrying costs of inventory all the while safeguarding our client’s identity for strategic purposes.
  • After thoroughly justifying these cost savings opportunities we proceed with a second round of negotiations and further refine the communication the quality and service requirements effectively to the manufacturer.
  • We then facilitate the assimilation of the new procurement process into your internal operations so that the supply pipeline remains just secure for the future as your current pipeline – (unless of course your current situation requires a securer pipeline).

The result of the completion of our specifically tailored process for your company is sustainable savings year after year. Our background is filled with experience in providing procurement solutions in manufacturing inputs and logistics expenses.

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